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Waterfire Providence RI Summer Event

Waterfire & Superlative Sandwiches

As summer begins to heat up, so does Providence – particularly the Providence River. Every Rhode Islander is well familiar with the phenomenon of WaterFire. If you’re not, here’s the quick and dirty breakdown. On most Saturdays beginning in mid May until the first week of October, local business in Providence come together and host the lighting of over eighty floating braziers from Waterplace Park to Memorial/South Main Street Park right at sunset. Foreigners flock, avid instagramers snap furiously and locals and tourists alike rush to the walls and bridges over the water to watch the sun set in downtown Providence and enjoy a multitude of floating bonfires. This beautiful demonstration exemplifies the quirky individuality that makes Providence the city we’ve learned to love in the past year of adventure here. It just so happened to be one of our first larger events we went to when we first moved to Rhode Island. I come from San Diego, a big shiny city (quite literally due to the amount of sunshine we get) where large monopoly businesses are king and …